GOAL: Our company is our biggest treasure. The ongoing goal is to successfuly market Ematix to the public, raise brand awareness, win the trust of new clients and last but not least, show the world our everyday office life and how much fun we have together.

BRANDING: Our design team did a great job at creating our visual identity. We love our black and gold colors and our simple logo wordmark. We also have our astronaut as our mascot/icon that we use in many applications such as business cards, merch, and more!

We do our best to prepare creative and engaging content for our followers and think of many possible ways to bring new followers and people, that could be interested in Ematix - either just fans of our team and philosophy or potential new clients. 
MERCHANDISE: If you love your company, no doubt you want to represent it. And guess what - we love our company! With our printing partner, we decided to get our astronaut on as many things as possible. Tees, laptop bags, lanyards, so on and so on. No cups this time, though. We really need more of those!

PHOTOSHOOTING: Part of our portfolio is arranging and executing photoshoots. Straight after getting hands on our new merchandise, (some idiom - our fingers were hot) for taking superrealistic and supercool photos of it.