Random Valentine's Campaign
in the Construction Industry


Woodcote Group a.s.


Bratislava, whole Slovakia



For successful marketing campaigns, it’s crucial to maintain an open mind and not be afraid to experiment with innovative ideas. Combining a creative approach with quick action can lead to unexpected and significant results.

Context and Challenge

While preparing another campaign, we were browsing a stock photo database to find suitable mock-ups and happened upon a mock-up of condom packaging. This inspired us to consider connecting this product with the client’s branding in the context of Valentine’s Day.

Creative Concept

Based on this inspiration, we created a visualization of condom packaging with the client’s logo and applied their brand. We proposed a Valentine’s campaign where customers would receive a box of condoms as a gift with their purchase at the stores. We utilized the client’s existing slogans, such as “Strength in Partnership!” and supplemented them with double entendre texts linking love life and protection to the construction industry.

Presentation and Approval

The campaign proposal was presented to the client. Another client employee, who happened to be passing by, noticed the proposal, and his positive reaction contributed to the rapid approval of the campaign.


After gaining approval, we immediately proceeded with implementation. We identified suitable printers, designed the main visual, and ensured the timely printing and distribution of the condom packaging. Through careful planning and efficient coordination, we achieved all set goals.

Results and Impact

The campaign met with significant success. Customers appreciated the original approach and humorous undertone of the campaign, which led to a positive strengthening of the client’s brand and increased customer loyalty.


This case study illustrates how a creative and innovative approach can lead to the creation of a unique and successful marketing campaign. Our agency demonstrated flexibility and the ability to quickly and creatively respond to new opportunities, bringing significant advantages to our client.

Key Success Factors

  • Creative Approach: Utilizing a random discovery to create an original concept.
  • Efficient Implementation: Quick and effective coordination led to the timely delivery of necessary materials.
  • Positive Feedback: The campaign received immediate positive responses from customers and the client’s employees.

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