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Recruitment with a difference! We perform in-person interviews prior to us introducing you to the candidate personally. We bring the human element back into the process. Finding the right character fit is imperative for us, with the right skillset completing the equation. We have experience in finding the candidates that fit your requirements, your company and team culture. Whether you need project resources or managed resources provided as a service. We can provide project managers, engineers, analysts, testers, etc. we have the solution for you. Please contact us to find out more information and have a free consultation!


Program management done correctly can make a positive impact on a project or business, and often mean the difference between success and failure in a specific area. Our team is certified in waterfall and agile methodologies, including Prince 2 Practitioner, PMP, DePict and Scrum Master. We deliver: Product Ownership, Sprint Planning, Project/Programme Management, Project Planning, Cost & Schedule Control, Recovery, PMO Setup, etc. Continuous integration is always key to keep the business moving forward.


Our consultancy team are here to provide you an objective viewpoint of the business or technical process, depending on your requirements. We have helped guide our clients to the right solutions to achieve the targeted results. Whether you are looking for technical guidance, management experience, resourcing guidance or design advice; our team are here to add immediate benefit to your organisation resulting in a strong ROI. We are here to make your life easier.


Delivered exclusively by our management team, our CEO and CTO, are here to provide mentoring to our client’s staff or individuals. Whether you are running a business or starting your own business, or need guidance on certain subjects or life in general. We are here to provide you guidance, knowledge and support in the area you are looking to receive it, and sometimes where you least expect it. We also mentor through internships students in universities in helping them get real world experience and help them on their own journey in finding out what works for them. We enjoy sharing our wealth of knowledge and experience, whether it be professional or personal.


We believe that a strong visual style defines a company in their communication with their target market. Your logo and visual identity is your first communication to your potential clients, and that is why we believe you should make a strong first statement. We can create corporate identities for businesses based on the company business plan, who their target market is and what they are wanting to achieve. From conception to rebranding, we create everything from the logo to full identity, with application in print and digital world. Your end product will be a brand book that will give you a clear path forward to success.


Our design team have many years of experience in cooperating with our various clients online marketing teams to launch advertising campaigns. We create ideas and concepts to attract the target market, using various graphics and visual styles to engage both the conscious and unconscious of the audience. Preparing digital versions of banners for PPC-campaigns, social media graphics, and automated newsletters styles. We even have access to our own online marketing team, who can work with you on your project. Our job is to unite the marketing campaign from a visual point of view, and together with copywriting deliver expected results.


Although the modern world is rapidly becoming digital-oriented, print media is still an effective way of communicating with your customers. When working with our clients, we create the print media content and then turn it into a digital footprint, one that will serve two audiences and ensure that the same message is received in many different formats. We have experience in creating print material for a wide variety of media, including but not limited to one-page leaflets to big catalogues, from stickers to billboards and even photobooks.


The online world is expanding and to keep up with all the changes you need to have a strong Internet and social media presence. Our job is to build a modern website which will serve you for the next ten years and sell your services or products, attract new customers and build brand awareness. We can create landing pages and website content together with our IT solutions department. Together with the brand identity and digital media services, we do truly provide a complete service for you to make your digital footprint on the web.


Web and mobile app development is available within easy grasp of everyone. You have readymade solutions that are fully templated and look great, but with limited functionality and a look that looks the same as everyone else. We want to give our clients their own digital footprint on the web, something unique and that is only theirs. That is why we tailor all our web and mobile apps to your specifications, creating your dream footprint in the way you imagined. So if you are looking for an e-commerce solution, a digital portfolio, corporate website or even application dashboards, we can achieve it. Your only limitation is your imagination!


Content Management System (CMS) websites are useful for when you want to manage your own digital content. Managing your own digital content sounds daunting, but we set it up in a way that requires no technical knowledge to ensure that your site stays up to date with the content that you want. And once we have built and setup your CMS, we even providing a training service to make sure you know exactly what you are doing. And remember, with Ematix, we are here to support you whenever you require.


Automation and AI are the buzz words in the tech industry at the moment, and for good reason too. Automation and machine learning is there to make the lives of everyone easier and more efficient, allowing them more time to get on with running their business, or spending time with loved ones. We analyse your company processes, from finance to supply chain, and everything in between, to ensure that your processes remove any elements of lag and ensure you get quality data at the end of the process. Here in Ematix, we break down barriers of what people assume is possible, in order to give you a new future. Come and chat to us to find out more!


User Interface and User eXperience design are two terms that often confuse many, even those in the tech and design world. These two elements are crucial to a product outcome and are done closely together. UI and UX refer to very different parts of the process and the design discipline. Where UX Design is a more analytical and technical, UI Design is closer to what we refer to as graphic design, though the responsibilities are somewhat more complex. The result of these two elements coming together is that you end up with a finished product that is user intuitive and the end-user experience will be enjoyable. For us here in Ematix, UI/UX is an artform, one in that we are continually growing.