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Let's build a strong working relationship

We maintain our mandate to build strong relationships with our customers and to have a culture where truth and excellence are our cornerstone.

Recruitment & Outsourcing

We have experience in finding the right candidates for the right roles, people who fit into the company’s culture and within that particular team. We have experience in delivering high quality resources to large Prague based corporations such as Woodcote a.s.

We work with the hiring manager to be able to get the right fit for the team, that includes:
• Understanding the team dynamics and culture – Essential for finding the right person!
• Making sure we can provide the exactly the right candidate to execute the role
• Assist the hiring manager with managing the resource
• Actively listen to feedback and take corrective action when and if required. 


A culture where truth and excellence are our cornerstone.


Providing a solution that fits your needs and meets your strategy for the future.


Having the ability to try something new and make mistakes through logic and determination.


Everyone is encouraged to be open-minded in order to build upon their understanding and discover their own authentic path.

IT Consultancy & Management

To provide an objective viewpoint of the business and help provide/guide you to the right solutions to achieve the targeted results. Our consultants add immediate benefit to your project resulting in a strong ROI. We focus on the Business and/or the IT aspect of the project; depending on requirements.

We work on all stages: Preparing a Business Case -> Project Completion.

We deliver: Product Ownership, Sprint Planning, Project/Programme Management, Project Planning, Cost & Schedule Control, Recovery, PMO Setup, etc. Scrum (Agile) or Prince 2 or PMP (Waterfall methodology) Continuous integration is always key to keep the business moving forward. 

Try Before You Buy

Ematix signature service offers our customers the option to have their contracted resources from us converted into Full Time Employee (FTE) with your organisation. The Best part...it is Free of Charge (FOC) after an agreed fixed period (T&Cs apply).

BENEFITS of Try Before You Buy Service: 
• Ensures knowledge/skills from a project do not leave your team/organisation.
• Hassle free approach: No lengthy hiring process, no complicated HR administration required, etc.
• You select the resources currently working on projects to be converted and we ensure a smooth transition, reducing the stress of the team and management.
• Risk mitigation by having proof that the resource can deliver as per our selection process.
• Contractors use a different budget than FTE’s (in most companies), thereby enabling the company to better control their cash flow/forecasting and enables greater flexibility on hiring.
• This reduces impact on internal overhead budgets. 

Our Values

We are always open to new ideas

Everyone is encouraged to be open-minded in order to build upon their understanding and discover their own authentic path.

Graphic Design

We follow your ideas and listen to your requests to make sure we create the best modern looking graphics.

We can prepare graphics for any of your needs, including:
• Corporate Identity Design & Brandbook: new one or based on previous design
• Preparation of print materials: Brochures, Leaflets, Small Magazines
• UI/UX Design for landing pages and full websites
• Creation of social media marketing and online marketing graphics

Web Development

If you want to have a simple good-looking website, ask us to develop it using Wordpress or Magento. The benefit of these technologies is the ability to edit content any time you need it without our help. WordPress is the world's most popular content management system which we have a wealth of experience with. WordPress is extremely customisable via its API and third-party plugins; our experience enables us to make the most cost-effective decisions when it comes to choosing between a pre-made plugin or writing custom code. Magento offers great flexibility through its modular architecture, is completely scalable and has a wide range of control options that its users appreciate.

• Content Management System
• Customisable via it's API and third party plugins
• Cost Effective
• Completely Scalable