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At EMATIX, we specialize in providing comprehensive digital marketing solutions that deliver measurable results. 

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Our latest successful project is the website overhaul for YardDoc, a company that offers a wide range of services to residential and commercial property owners. This case study demonstrates how thoughtful changes can lead to significant performance improvements and increased ROI.

Starting Point and Strategy

YardDoc initially collaborated with us only on PPC campaigns through the Google Ads platform. To maximize efficiency, we conducted an extensive keyword analysis using tools like Marketing Miner, which enabled us to collect and optimize approximately 10,000 keywords. Considering the small budgets and limited data, we gradually launched individual campaigns while focusing on improving conversion ratios.

Problem and Solution

The main limitation was the client’s original website, which was not sufficiently attractive or responsive. In response to this, we recommended a complete redesign of the website, maintaining the existing structure but making key visual and functional adjustments. We enhanced user-friendliness by adding features such as a “Get Free Quote” button in hero sections and a telephone button in the website header for easier contact. Additionally, we implemented pop-up windows during off-hours and listed guide prices on individual service pages.


The new website was launched in mid-2023, and within a few months, we were able to compare the results with those of the previous period. In the 90-day period of 2024, when the new website was active, we recorded the following improvements compared to the same period last year:

• A 36% reduction in search campaign costs while reallocating part of the budget to Meta platform ads.

• A 5% increase in the number of submitted forms despite a lower budget.

• A 40% decrease in the cost per lead.

• An 8% increase in the conversion ratio.

• A 409% increase in clicks on the telephone button.

This case study proves that investing in a quality website redesign and strategic PPC campaign management can significantly improve the performance and efficiency of marketing activities. At EMATIX, we are ready to help your company achieve similar results. Contact us to find out how we can support the growth of your business through our proven digital strategies.

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