Extherm PL rebranding:
Successful redesign
and strengthening
of the Extherm PL brand


Woodcote Group a.s.


Bratislava, whole Slovakia


2022 – ongoing

We have created an original visual style, thanks to which the products have become unmistakable on the market

Rebranding      Packaging Design

Main challenge

Extherm is another brand belonging to the Woodcote Group. Extherm focuses on a diverse range of products for buildings (plaster, façade and other materials). Our task was to create a distinctive visual style that immediately captivates clients in the flood of other products on store shelves.

Our solution

Creation of product packaging

For the design of the packaging, we chose a somewhat unusual color, purple. Thanks to this solution, the products gained an original look and thus creatively distinguished themselves from the rest of the assortment on the market. The color purple has become a key element of visual communication, and has firmly imprinted itself in the subconscious of clients in connection with the Extherm brand. We also played with the graphic design and included the graphic element of circles in the design of the packaging. 

Our goal here was to mark each product with its own symbol, which would eventually settle in the minds of customers and make it easier to name them – whether in a shop or on a construction site. When creating the product packaging, we also made sure that the color was visible from all sides, so you can tell what the product is, even if the products are stacked on top of each other in the warehouse.

Promo campaign

The client wanted to support the launch of new packaging on the market with accompanying promotional materials. So we created an online campaign that was launched on the website, social networks and in the newsletter, as well as information posters for stores. The campaign also included a smaller four-page leaflet aimed at educating clients and containing short promotional information for each package.  

The last step in our campaign was the creation of short video spots for television, located at branches. The aim of these videos was to raise awareness of private labels and encourage sales of specific goods.

What's Next

We look forward to the next challenges that await us with this brand! So far, we have only worked on a small part of the products. Our goal is to brand the entire Woodcote portfolio in order to build a strong brand that will be able to compete in the market and that the consumer will love. We want our clients to love these products for their ease of use and recognizability.

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