SIS rebranding:
successful redesign
for SIS Systémy


SIS Systémy a.s.


Prague, Czech republic



A successful construction company became even more successful, and we communicated it to their clients. 

Brand Identity     Strategy    Launch Campaign     Social Media     Website

Main challenge

We helped this construction company (which you may know from the redevelopment of the Primark department store, Novo Plaza shopping centre and other construction projects) to promote their brand. It was just at the time when they transformed into a joint-stock company, so this breakthrough seemed to us a great opportunity to rethink their existing marketing and visual strategy. 


We found that the current definition of their brand and identity is outdated and that they need something that better communicates their values and the direction in which they want to develop. Therefore, we went through the existing communication and style of the brand and specified the points that needed to be improved. The ongoing transformation of the company into a joint-stock company was a great springboard to better express their direction and create a more professional and corporate impression.

SIS Photos

Our solution

Brand identity

Brand identity (more thoughtful communication style) Minor logo modifications (the color palette has been expanded to suit all applications and give the brand more character and professionalism) Visual editing (a set of 11 icons has been created, each representing one SIS division) Company Presentation service (we created a new brandbook that defined all the updates the brand had undergone. In addition, we also embarked on a redesign of various brand collaterals, such as resume templates, quote templates, company presentations, etc.)

launch campaign

In connection with the transformation of the company into a joint-stock company, we launched a small accompanying campaign that announced news and shared the ambition of SIS to reach higher than before. The campaign consisted of an email announcement with an information leaflet as well as a video interview with the CEO who shared news and future plans.  


Creating a new website was also a big challenge. We started with a thorough analysis of the existing one through Google Analytics and then by designing a UX solution, thanks to which we created a comfortable web environment. We created two different wireframes of the homepage with a slightly different approach, and after the client had chosen, we continued with the rest of the UX site, which was followed by the user interface and development of the final website

Social media

We have also taken care of their social networks and regularly share quality content. We have created a content strategy focused on the presentation of client projects, news and services in order to attract the attention of potential clients and also to introduce SIS to the public.

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